About us

Parisa Home was established in 2009 also known as “Sam Rafoat Textile” LTD. In the beginning, the company started producing Velvet, and since 2009 “Sam Rafoat Textile” LTD being dominated local markets and even most Asian countries with its high qualitative products and it has been known as a first place in the market. Nearly in 2011, the company has introduced huge news in its history. In other words, Terry Products are being manufactured under the Parisa Home Brand name.

As a part of it, most of the weaving, dyeing, and finishing machinerries are renewed to the latest ones made in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, and Turkey.

Parisa Home is supported by the best standard processing systems as specified by ISO 9001 award, as well-equipped with modern and appropriate equipments and machines. Production processes starting from product design to completion of ready-to-sell products which is done by dedicated and well-trained professionals to efficiently produce the best towel products.